Due to its design, latest trends and unlimited creativity, paper gifts us with memorable moments: from opening a gift to eating a hamburger; the  feeling of going through a paper wrapper, fills us with joy and delight, inviting us to discover what is underneath.

There are 3 basic options for your business this Christmas season

Unlimited creativity

Imagine everything you can do with paper for this season, in your business or in your home. Our specialty is to personalize tissue paper so that you can provide your gifts with a special and unique finishing touch that will make them look spectacular!


You may choose to use different wrappers along with cellophane paper to add color and brightness and give the finishing touch with classic ribbons. You can make different packages filled with sweets/candies/chocolates with our customized china paper and deliver a small gesture of great taste to
those loyal to your brand.

Kraft paper trends

Natural is in! Use kraft paper wrappers. There are endless possibilities to create unique gifts with this type of paper which are causing great sensation, precisely because of its versatility. Create paper wrappers and add a fun twist with ribbons, flowers, prints, and even candy, on top of the package for a spectacular sight Make incredible versions with ribbons, strings and thread to design a very original package.

Delicious experience!

Food wrapping paper is ideal for these festive moments because it allows restaurants to do wonders when wrapping their delivery orders with their own disintictive wrapping, making their brand visible in a fun way.

Food wrapping paper is strong so you can wrap a burger and some fries without using any container at all and the same goes for parties, where you can place it on  the plates and avoid the work of washing them afterwards.


If you sell food, you can put together small packages and place them inside a kraft paper bag with a ribbon and a personalized label. We give you creative solutions that provide you with a great image and are also environmentally friendly!