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Food Industry

Food grade tissue paper.

Footwear & anything you

need to wrap

For shoe industry or any other tissue paper

Gift Wrapping Paper

We make great and unique gift wrapping paper

that will suit your taste

Customize and receive

Place your order, send your logo, double-check and approve your design.  We will ship it and you can expect to receive the finest paper.

Our Process

We will accompany you throughout the entire process and capture your idea in a way that will surely impress your customers

Choose your paper and approve our proposals of your design

Enter a shipping address

Select any of our payment options

Receive your paper and impress your customers.


Small programs don´t need to stock large amounts of paper.

Best price

The best price in the market for minimum order quantity MOQs

Nationwide Shipping

We deliver all across North America

Brand mark

Let your customers know who you are and remember you.

Satisfied Customers

Restaurant, deli, food truck, gift stores and one-time customers.

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57,600,000 papers delivered

412 Customers
98% Satisfaction

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inches"],["field7","equal_to","8000"]],[["set_value",null,"$1,156.00",null,"field54"],["set_value",null,"50% off",null,"field56"]],"and"],[[["field2","equal_to","Food Industry"],["field19","equal_to","13'' x 17'' inches"],["field7","equal_to","9000"]],[["set_value",null,"$1,248.48",null,"field54"],["set_value",null,"52% off",null,"field56"]],"and"],[[["field2","equal_to","Food Industry"],["field19","equal_to","13'' x 17'' inches"],["field7","equal_to","10000"]],[["set_value",null,"$1,300.50",null,"field54"],["set_value",null,"55% off",null,"field56"]],"and"]]
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Type of tissue
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  • MOQ: 1,000 sheets per ream
  • Size 20″ x 30″ on Tissue Paper
  • 1 color print
  • 25% or less ink coverage
  • Add 10% for metallic inks
  • Art File in AI Format
  • Lead Time 6 weeks after proof approval, longer lead time as we get closer to the Holiday Season
  • We can cut the paper into smaller sizes if needed
  • Nationwide delivery

Gift Paper & more

Gift store, flower shop, wine bottles or any other use for the tissue paper we can print on small and large programs.

Food Industry

Our paper can be used with all kinds of foods, that need to be wrapped either to eat at your place or for take out.


We know the shoe industry, printed one ink small program up to 4 inks on larger programs.

Customer reviews


Excellent work, greatly recommended. Thank you!


Excellent service.
Recommended 100%.


Great job, the best printings.
I recommended it.


Can I order samples?

You can order a sample pack here for a small fee.

Our sample pack include:

  • Fullogood tissue sheets (18 GSM)
  • A compostable fullogood Mailer
  • Due to set-up costs, we aren’t able to send out customized samples – all sample packs are printed with fullogood branding.
  • Standard delivery is 31 days, untracked postage. For tracked or expedited delivery (at an additional cost), please contact us
Can I get custom sizes?

For each fullogood product, we have standard sizes, and can accommodate custom sizes for larger order quantities.

Get in touch with the team here to enquire about custom sizes.

We can certainly cut your paper at a smaller size with no additional cost.

– Custom sizes can be made for orders 40,000 units and up. Subject to pre set reel sizes.


How many colors can I print?

For fullogood tissue, our website design tool allows for both 1 color design.  White doesn’t count as a color, so if your color scheme is black and white, it will be a 1 color design.

If you would like to use more than 2 colors in your fullogood tissue design, get in touch with the team here. Up to 4 colors can be included at an additional cost, and a mínimum order of 40,000 sheets. .

Can you help me with my design?

No final design on hand? No problem!   

Our design tools are super easy to navigate, with templates that allow you to upload your logo and customize the size and orientation to suit your preference. 

If you still find that your design isn’t looking right, feel free to get in touch with the team here for assistance. 

Please send design in AI files. 

What are trim and bleed size?

Trim and bleed are general printing terms.

Trim size represents the final dimensions of your fullogood products.

Bleed is the portion of your design that extends past the trim size. Bleed is cut off when the artwork is trimmed to the final size so as to make sure your design reaches the very edge of the product.


Will there be any color difference between the digital proof and my actual printed product?

There will be a slight color variance between the digital proof and actual printed product.

This is because any digital proof is rendered in RGB colors (as projected on the screen of your device) and your actual printed product will go through color processing.

Off-set printing for one or two color fullogood tissue designs use the Pantone Matching System. Digital printing

Feel free to get in touch with the team here to discuss or check out our blog post on color here.

Can you print metallic colors?

Yes, we can print metallic gold, copper, rose gold and silver on fullogood tissue. You can see some great examples in our Instagram. Add a 10% cost to your order. 

I can’t find the color I want. How can I work around this?

For fullogood tissue, we use the Pantone Matching System (PMS) for most designs.   

You can enter any Pantone number in our website design tool. 

If you have any issues finding your desired colour, get in touch with the team here and we’ll get it sorted.

Can you print Pantone colors?

For our fullogood tissue, we match the closest Pantone color and use the Pantone Matching System when printing.  

For more info on the Pantone Matching System and color in general, check out our blog post here. 

Can I submit my own finished design?

Yes indeed!

You can upload your own design in the links below. Don’t forget to specify how many colors the print is!

Do you have double-sided printing for fullogood tissue?

Double-sided printing is not currently available for fullogood tissue. Like regular gift wrapping paper and food paper, your design will appear on one side of the sheet. 

How long does shipping take?

We ship anywhere in the world with the following delivery options:

  • Tracked shipping  – 21 days (free delivery)
  • Express shipping  – 16 days (with additional cost)
  • Urgent shipping   – 10 days (with additional cost)

*All shipping times are in calendar days so no need to figure out business days!

The design approval process is included in the delivery times above, and an estimated time of arrival will be sent out to you once your order has been confirmed.

To find out about express and urgent shipping costs, either select them in your cart to get a quote, or feel free to get in touch with the team here to discuss.

I entered my shipping address incorrectly. What should I do?

No worries!  

Just send in your order number and correct shipping address to the team here, and we’ll update your information right away. 

For future orders, you can also set a default shipping address in your account dashboard.

Can you split my order between two different addresses?

We can only ship to one address per order.

However,  you could look at creating separate orders with different shipping addresses.

What is the size of the paper?
  • Gift or garment tissue paper  20 x 30” (50 x 75 cms) 
  • Food Wrapping Paper 12 x 12” (30 x 30 cms) 12 x 17” (34 x 45 cms)
Can you cut the paper in smaller sizes?

Yes we can, please send us and email with your specified instructions always attaching your order number. This will be done at NO extra cost. 

What is food Safe and food grade paper

Food-safe means that the food-grade material is also fit for purpose for its intended use and will not create a food-safety hazard. 

Food-grade means that the material is fit for human consumption or permitted to come in contact with food. 

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